Mango Kush - popcorn
Mango Kush - popcorn

Mango Kush - popcorn

€3.00 / g

Name: Mango Kush - popcorn - Greenhouse

Our Mango Kush - popcorn is a greenhouse grown mini bud.  The flavour is rich, with the fruity smell of mango and the sweetness of blueberry on the exhale. Mini buds without branches, well manicured a very good quality product at a reasonable price.

  • THC : <1%
  • CBD : <20%
  • Mini Buds
  • 24g
  • 50g

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The Swiss Made Weed team is proud to present a much anticipated discovery: Mango Kush, this is an indica-dominant strain derived from the original Mango crossed with a Hindu Kush. The result is a unique and powerful strain that builds on its heritage to offer something exciting to smokers, vape enthusiasts and those looking to make delicious edibles.
Once its buds have been dried and cured, the fun can really begin. Packed with up to 21% CBD, Mango Kush offers significant effects. With a wide selection of terpenes and cannabinoids, this is a smoke that provides incredible uplifting sensations coupled with several euphoric moments. Perfect for any time of the day.

The flavours of Mango Kush pay homage to its namesake, transporting you to a tropical island in one hit. Anticipate notes of sweet fruit, offset by a bit of earthy kush, and you've got the Mango Kush taste profile in hand.

It's a truly versatile strain that goes beyond expectations, from seed to harvest and beyond. Maybe it's time for you to introduce a little Mango Kush into your life?

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