CherryHash - Limited Edition "ChampiShit
CherryHash - Limited Edition "ChampiShit
CherryHash - Limited Edition "ChampiShit
CherryHash - Limited Edition "ChampiShit
CherryHash - Limited Edition "ChampiShit
CherryHash - Limited Edition "ChampiShit

CherryHash - Limited Edition "ChampiShit

€4.00 / g

Name : CherryHash

  • Quantity: 5gr; 10gr; 20gr
  • Limited Edition
  • Culture : Indoor
  • CBD : <35%
  • THC : <1.0%
  • Taste: Cherry, wild berry and pine
  • Texture : Slightly soft and reliable


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Limited Edition !

Swiss Made Weed is back from its holiday in the USA to Iran, we have the contacts to get back in the country!

Looking for a CBD hash product that will make you laugh out loud? Look no further, CherryHash is for you! This product is part of the limited hash editions of the website and is part of the ChampiShit range, an extra limited edition with very few copies. It has a cherry, berry and pine taste with a slightly soft and crumbly texture. But that's not all! CherryHash will also take you on hilarious adventures worthy of the famous French sitcom H, which features the adventures of a suburban hospital. You will feel like Sabri, Aymé or Jamel, the three crazy interns who make all of France laugh. So don't wait any longer, order your CherryHash before it's too late!

It is one of our favourite hashes and we have decided to put it forward thanks to the unusual bags that will make people jealous at your parties, the risk of having the bag stolen, even if it is empty, is high!

Keep it well cared for and place it in the window once empty! It comes from the USA MAMEN

P.S. The bag is not sealed, but will be vacuum packed when sent, as usual. We have taken this decision in order not to damage this collector's item

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Mr Righton 2023-05-18

Great ⭐️

A light coloured very clean hash, it’s my choice with coffee in the morning

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