Amsterdam: End of cannabis sales in coffee shops to tourists?

Amsterdam: End of cannabis sales in coffee shops to tourists?

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Amsterdam: End of cannabis sales in coffee shops to tourists?

Amsterdam plans to end the sale of cannabis in coffee shops to tourists

The city of Amsterdam, which has been known for its cannabis culture for decades, is considering restricting tourist access to coffee shops that sell cannabis. The proposal was made in response to the influx of tourists to the city, which has increased since the end of restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The bill was introduced by the city's mayor, Femke Halsema, and still needs to be approved by the Dutch government. If approved, the legislation would prevent tourists from the European Union from visiting coffee shops, which sell cannabis under certain legal conditions.

The sale of cannabis to tourists has long been a controversial issue in the Netherlands. Although cannabis consumption is legal in the country, sale and possession are limited to licensed coffee shops. Foreigners have also been allowed to buy and consume cannabis in these coffee shops, but this has raised concerns about the influx of tourists seeking to enjoy the city's cannabis culture.

Supporters of the proposal say it would reduce drug tourism in the city and improve public safety. However, opponents fear it would have negative economic consequences for the coffee shops and the city as a whole.

The debate over the legalisation of cannabis is a global concern, and opinions vary widely on how best to regulate the substance. However, the Amsterdam proposal highlights the importance of balancing the promotion of tourism with public safety.

The legislation proposed by the city of Amsterdam is an attempt to regulate the cannabis industry more strictly and to tackle the potential problems associated with drug tourism. Although the proposal has received mixed reactions, it highlights the need to discuss approaches to regulating cannabis to ensure public safety and consumer health.

In summary, Amsterdam's proposal to restrict tourist access to coffee shops that sell cannabis is a controversial issue. If approved, it will have significant implications for the city's cannabis industry and tourism. However, it also shows the importance of finding a balance between promoting tourism and public safety.
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Alex - 2023-02-23 16:46:38

C'est triste si ils bloquent l'accès aux étrangers, il faut aller vers la légalisation. J'espère que cela sera légalisé totalement et partout. Nous sommes assez grands pour savoir ce que l'on en fais.

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