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Trim Sous Serre
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Trim Sous Serre

From 0.9  /g

The Trim Sous Serre Swiss Made Weed is perfect to replace traditional tobacco and reduce your nicotine consumption. A new experience for CBD cannabis consumers, and cigarette smokers.

  • THC < 1%
  • CBD: 8%- 19%
  • Greenhouse
(10 customer reviews)

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10 reviews for Trim Sous Serre

  1. Philippe Klein (verified owner) -

    Yes perfect alternative to tobacco. The smell is pleasant. The taste is intense. The effect is there. I recommend it.

  2. arnaud lassabliere (verified owner) -

    hi, after ordering the indoor trim which is top notch, i ordered the greenhouse one and i must say it's perfect too^^ the taste is there, the smell well present as well as the relaxing effect! i strongly recommend considering the price 🙂
    Thanks to you SMW.

  3. Tony Quéhen (verified owner) -

    Unbeatable quality/price, nice taste and effects for the price, thanks a lot for the gift sheets.

  4. Balazs Zsoldos (verified owner) -

    best bang for your buck

  5. cyohannjulien (verified owner) -

    very good, and at a very reasonable price!
    return of my package seized quickly .
    Thank you to the very responsive customer service.

  6. Tony Quéhen (verified owner) -

    I'm very pleased with the quality of the product, it's very good and it's very good. I'm very happy with the quality of the product and I'm very pleased with the quality of the product.

  7. tonylad (verified owner) -

    impeccable thank you

  8. Valin.cro (verified owner) -

    As far as I can see, I am not the only one to have had my order seized. It happens quite often, but it's not a big deal because my order was sent back very quickly and it doesn't lead to any prosecution or anything, so no problem, but I would just like to point out that maybe the discretion should be improved? A bad vacuum packing?
    The product is really good for this price, I smoke more than cbd I replaced the cigarettes I prefer large for the taste and having stopped cannabis for a while it is nice to find this taste without having effects, I see many comments talking about effect, do you really have effects? Placebo certainly not? I smoke it from morning to night and I really don't feel anything, whereas from cannabis with thc I now get 2 taf I'm sleeping.

    I really recommend this product it's really economical especially if like me you are bored with having beautiful head aha, second time I order this product and I have a little less small head this time but the product is still just as good 😉

    It's not the last one for me quite the opposite, see you next time 🙂

  9. lionel.grancher (verified owner) -

    so for the trim super top, I did a lot of cdb in France but the 20/20 and light taste and effect top!!!

  10. marcon32 (verified owner) -

    Cant complain nice taste aswell as cutting down using tobacco is a big plus and it has a good relaxing effect too.

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