Super Skunk

From 3.5  /g

Our Super Skunk comes from 20% of Sativa strain and 80% of Indica. Super Skunk can be grown in a Mediterranean climate but also in the sunny mountainous area of the canton of Valais. The strain, mostly Indica, often produces a generous and abundant harvest. This high quality flower has a strong smell of fruit including red fruit, citrus and mango. Its high CBD content and its relatively low rate in THC has promoted it as such. For some years now, it has been extremely successful due to its exemplary effectiveness on migraines and cramps.

  • THC: 0.6%
  • CBD: 21%
  • Indoor 
(22 customer reviews)

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22 reviews for Super Skunk

  1. Mickaël Billiotte (verified owner) -

    Good effect and good taste but for me a part that small heads on a 4g, a background without doubt. Good value for money.

  2. Antonin DELACOUR (verified owner) -

    Super quality! Just incredible, a unique taste that of the super skunk we expect.
    Thank you

  3. jean-olivier75 (verified owner) -

    Good quality, I would use it again.

  4. Marcela Botelho (verified owner) -

    It is effective on my migraine 😅

  5. Guillaume Weill (verified owner) -

    Super quality, compact buds, perfect manicure, great smell and taste with the effect that goes with it, for a very low price for the in.

  6. Nierichlo Mickaël (verified owner) -

    Super quality, I received beautiful heads well manicured, this skunk provides me with a soothing effect and we feel the citrus and exotic taste of mango...
    Excellent value for money, well done.

  7. Carlos Camison (verified owner) -

    Good value for money excellent weed

  8. Patrick Botteon (verified owner) -

    She's just beautiful, she's in my top bravo team

  9. Nad (verified owner) -

    Very nice variety! I'll definitely try it again
    Thank you SMW for offering us such a variety 👍

  10. WILLIAM DOGGETT (verified owner) -

    a very good smell, a good taste, but maybe a bit too fatty (to my taste, each one its preferences)

  11. Quéméneur Yaël (verified owner) -

    Cool! Direct effect with 5 battens!
    Good flower, it is worth the cost of being tested...

  12. jbritneff (verified owner) -

    Pretty flowers, very dense. A rather citrus smell, a very sweet taste and a nice smoke. Very relaxing!

  13. CORBEN DALLAS (verified owner) -

    Very very good job

  14. Thomas H (verified owner) -

    I love this site.
    I worked in the cbd in France
    I see a clear difference in the product.
    The manicure is perfect and the price too.
    In France for indoor medium manicured, we pay more than 7 euros
    I have a wish to become a franchisee of Swiss made, the shops that grow like friends in France.
    But not this culture and knowledge (which I have seen)
    Perfect Skunk

  15. NG89 (verified owner) -

    Good quality.
    Over my i've been very anxious. This causes the brain to slow down on the thoughts and actually think in slow motion the reason I am anxious. Then I am cured, because I find the answer is that I think too much of bad things.

    That way I am pessimistic. Knowing that helps me everyday because if a pessimist thought occurs I remember myself "I think too much of bad things".

  16. yamin.gautier (verified owner) -

    Great product, good taste, good smell, good effect, one of my favorite.
    SMW at its best as usual.

  17. Eric Didier (verified owner) -

    Very nice discovery!
    To be tested while there are !!!!

  18. Audrey Doussaint (verified owner) -

    Very satisfied, no worries. I'm a 100% subscriber, new to me, the cbd, I'm thrilled. I wanted to test on the one hand, I wanted to stop the thc and on the other tempered my epileptic seizures, and it seems to work for me. I'm very happy with the service, it's very good and I'm very pleased with the service. You are at the top swiss made weed. Thank you

  19. coolerbeer on youtube (verified owner) -

    Its a SKUNK so its good but i prefer Hawaiian Haze and The Great White Shark.

  20. jbritneff (verified owner) -

    A very beautiful flower with an intense smell and taste. Nice smoke and very relaxing effect. I love it!

  21. Yblc (verified owner) -

    Great taste and smell!

  22. kevin (verified owner) -

    I already liked the skunk sous serre this one is a level above the effect is really cool.
    Thank you Switzerland!

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