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Gorilla Glue
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Gorilla Glue

From 6.5  /g

Gorilla Glue is one of the strains the most admired by consumers of CBD. It's a better weed from quality, mainly Indica, which owes its name to the large amount of resin it produces. The CBD rate is very highIt even exceeds 26%. Its origins are the result of the intersection between three sacred varieties such as Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel.

  • THC: 0.6%.
  • CBD: 23%.
  • Interior
(28 customer reviews)

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Our Gorilla Glue has a flavour strong, intense and fresh. The taste is sweet and enveloping in the aftertaste, you can smell a hint of wood and pine, and an intense taste of citrus and ripe fruit. A feeling that is really worth being tried!


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28 reviews for Gorilla Glue

  1. Remi21 (verified owner) -

    An exceptional weed with citrus notes ! Very pollenized and sticky !

  2. victor01851 (verified owner) -

    A very pleasant taste! And relatively powerful effects I recommend!

  3. Narwhal14 (verified owner) -

    Good weed with a note of citrus fruit well pollenized and resinous! It's a delight in the mouth and let's not talk about the effect on my back pain

  4. Ben (verified owner) -

    The flower is very white and of high quality! The effects are immediate! It is a little more expensive than the others but the price difference is understandable!
    Perfect as usual!

  5. Michaël (verified owner) -

    Nice compact heads, all green. A phenomenal taste, very sweet and fruity. I highly recommend it.

  6. digimonmendes (verified owner) -

    the taste is really exelent it's really the top!!!!

  7. Kevin Faure (verified owner) -

    When you open it, the smell makes you travel and the taste... beware! maxi frappe!!! to order with closed eyes!

  8. Gerald Abderrahmann (verified owner) -

    First time I order the gorilla a powerful smell a very good taste and a top appaissant effect I recommend it it is the best supplier and with quality since I order on the net big thanks to swiss-made-weed 💪👌😉

  9. F (verified owner) -

    Great weed.
    Visually, taste, smell, effect, a success!

  10. rakoto.loic (verified owner) -

    Very good weed, I confirm smell and taste fruity guaranteed my favorite

  11. Thomas GHERARDI (verified owner) -

    In indoor it is by far the best variety I have tasted, smell, taste, everything is there, being a fan of everything that is close to sour diesel and chem dawg I was afraid to be disappointed and finally I really found these flavors, I strongly recommend, the only point is that it is more expensive but after all given its characteristics it is justified

  12. Guillaume Weill (verified owner) -

    It has everything to please. It has everything you need to enjoy it. It has an impeccable appearance, a sweet, fruity smell and taste. TOP

  13. guillaume ontabilla (verified owner) -

    Good weed, nice buds, but need time to curry to refine taste and smell

  14. Cbdfan (verified owner) -

    Absolutely loved this one, slightly heady at first but settled down to a nice warmth and full body relax. Great for after work. Smell was salivating! You know when you open the bag and it makes you smile! That type of green, no need to tell you the rest.

  15. Gerald (verified owner) -

    Really a quality weed very good smell excellent taste and relaxing effect guaranteed for my 3rd order very satisfied great thank you !!!!

  16. delaweed74 (verified owner) -

    Very good work! Everything is said in the description of the product, nothing is missing. Highly recommend it! Great!

  17. Eric Didier (verified owner) -

    One of the best cbd flowers I've ever tasted!
    When you open the cover, you can immediately feel that you're dealing with something heavy
    Nice to smoke and very relaxing!
    To order without hesitation

  18. Gaelle Lucas (verified owner) -

    Very good positive effects for me, fresh and psychically tonic! Excellent to smoke, very fruity, very "fresh". Very fruity, very "fresh", smell that fills the nostrils! I'm a fan!

  19. Eric Didier (verified owner) -

    As described!
    A delicious taste in the mouth.
    The effect is very present... in short, order without hesitation!

  20. c.pelletier3 (verified owner) -

    I've placed quite a few orders, so far the only one that's good enough. I'd also like to leave a comment on the charlotte s web, it too arrived crushed and not very tasty and very little steam with my vapo.not super dry very disappointed

  21. jbritneff (verified owner) -

    To make it simple, on about fifteen flowers tested on this site (Moonrock incuse) this Gorilla Glue is by far the best that I smoked. A beautiful visual, a smell and taste to fall to the ground, a perfect density of smoke without forgetting a VERY good relaxing effect. A marvel. The best CBD I've smoked so far, just ahead of the Gelato. Really a big congratulations to the whole SWM team!

  22. Kevin CORNET (verified owner) -

    Beautiful flower, very good smell and a fruity taste2 . I highly recommend this product.

  23. Milah Mazar (verified owner) -

    Citrus aromas will take your nostrils! Don't hesitate, it's a safe source

  24. jojijo (verified owner) -

    I ordered the first time and due to a problem in the delivery they sent me back the order received in 4 days.
    and this weed really at the top taste excellent smell and a very pleasant relaxing effect.
    very good site i have already reordered 🙂

  25. Karim Bouaboud (verified owner) -

    The majority of small heads in the 12g pouch but the quality is top notch. I highly recommend, big smell good taste in the mouth and a max effect just before sleeping. Really clean!!!

  26. coolerbeer on youtube (verified owner) -

    mmm yes top quality buds and effect. Strong herb smell. Smooth smoke! but not my favourite strain. i have others on this Wonderful site!

  27. Jean-Michel Bourgeois (verified owner) -

    Order blocked by customs one and only possible return or a refund has loss .if you reside in FRANCE order me nothing on this site the deliveries are not HONORED. You are going to lose your Money .good customer service anyway

  28. Yblc (verified owner) -

    Incredibly delicious I recommend!!!

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